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cover for Ace of Aces: The Dick Bong Story

Ace of Aces: The Dick Bong Story

Ace of aces the dick bong story was originally published in 1985 and hailed as the first accurate, comprehensive biography of this daring pilot.

Major Richard Ira Bong is America’s top scoring Ace of all time having downed 40 Japanese aircraft in World War II.

He had come a long way from his family’s farm in Poplar, a small town in northern Wisconsin. Born on September 24, 1920, he was the eldest of nine children. He became interested in flying when he saw President Calvin Coolidge’s mail plane passing overhead.

Bong joined the army Air Corp in May 1941. After completing training, he was assigned to a fighter unit station near San Francisco equipped with the Lockheed P-38 lightning fighter bong fell in love with the airplane.

Now author Michael Connor has updated and revised the original work and included many new and interesting photographs of The Life and times of Dick Bong.

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