U.S. Navy Veteran Robert “Bob” Hunt

cover for We Were Pirates : A Torpedoman's Pacific War

Robert Schultz and his co-writer James Shell draw upon Hunt’s diary, interviews, crew letters, photographs, captains’ reports, and historical research to view the progress of the Pacific War through the eyes of a submariner. Whether Hunt and his crewmates are in battle or on leave in Pearl Harbor or western Australia, the account is candid and vivid, providing a unique perspective not available in general histories or in officers’ accounts. Robert Hunt, veteran of 12 consecutive war patrols as a torpedoman in the USS Tambor (SS-198), did not expect to survive World War II. “I was just sure I was going to die,” he recounted as he neared his 90th birthday. “So many of our subs were being lost and so many of my friends were gone. I assumed I’d go, too, sooner or later. But I knew it would be fast. And that was okay with me. I didn’t want to come home wounded.”

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profile of U.S. Navy Veteran Robert “Bob” Hunt
Torpedoman Robert Hunt – Photo courtesy of The Robert Hunt Collection
more recent picture of U.S. Navy Veteran Robert “Bob” Hunt
Robert Hunt – Photo courtesy of Robert Schultz

U.S. Navy Veteran Robert Hunt’s Interview

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